How You Can Help Missy & Others Like Her...

Every year, thousands of wild animals are slaughtered for the bushmeat trade, or sold to uninformed pet owners around the world. This is more than a tragedy - it is fast becoming a catastrophe! Our precious wild animals are becoming endangered, and without an urgent, immediate intervention, our children will likely never get to see some of our most incredible wildlife.

The solutions are fraught with complexities, and I am by no means an expert or an authority. I am simply an animal lover who has been exposed to the horror of what is being perpetrated and the unthinkable consequences. From my perspective, education will play a major role in not only extinguishing the bushmeat trade but also enlightening people who may be tempted to purchase an exotic animal as a pet or a trophy. You can add your voice and share what you have learnt.

In the interim, there are amazing soldiers fighting this war on the bushmeat trade in the trenches. Their reality is rescuing and caring for animals that are severely traumatized and often physically challenged as a result of their struggles. The care and rehabilitation of these animals does not come cheap, and every single donation counts. Your help could literally save an animal's life. 

Please review the following rehab programmes that are doing amazing work, and you are invited to follow the links to donate directly to their work. CCC (Project Primate) is Missy's new home and their phenomenal work has given her a new lease on life, and a hope for the future. 

The Chimpanzee Conservation Centre (CCC)

The Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC), is a unique chimpanzee sanctuary and rehabilitation project in Guinea, West Africa. We are located in the Haut-Niger National Park, and our rescued chimpanzees are orphans who have been captured to be sold as pets after their mother is killed for bushmeat. We rehabilitate and care for these orphaned individuals, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild.

The CCC is supported by Project Primate Inc., a 501(c)(3) United States nonprofit.

Liberian Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection (LCRP)

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection's (LCRP) mission is to establish a sanctuary in Liberia for all chimpanzees in need and partner in all of Liberia's wildlife protection and conservation efforts.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of care and welfare for chimpanzees who are victims of the bushmeat and pet trades and working with the community to provide social, economic and environmental benefits. We are also committed to partnering with all stakeholders to help secure the long-term care of the chimpanzees abandoned by New York Blood Center.

LCRP is a Liberian NGO, collaborating with local and international partners in caring for current chimpanzee residents and the development of long-term strategies to combat the illegal trade of chimpanzees and other protected wildlife; rescue additional captive chimpanzees: and participate in diverse conservation education, awareness and protection efforts. 

LCRP is excited to be working with local and international animal welfare, health, and research organizations in Liberia to improve the overall health and welfare of animals, both domestic and wild, and the community. Some of LCRP's initiatives include World Rabies Day, emerging disease research, vaccination and spay/neuter programs, and participation in wildlife regulations and Conservation Action Planning. We are incredibly grateful for your interest in and support of LCRP.